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Use this simple, single-tube genotyping platform to get >99.5% call accuracy. The method is based on RNase H2-dependent PCR technology, and uses RNA-DNA hybrid primers, blocked at the 3′ end, that prevent primer dimer artifacts and non-specific amplification.


Insertion site detection and targeted RNA capture using NGS

Research profile: See how scientists at Cofactor Genomics use in-solution hybridization to focus on regions of interest for next generation sequencing. Use xGen Lockdown Probes to determine number of inserts per genome and their location.


Building biological factories for renewable and sustainable products

Research profile: Amyris uses genetic engineering and screening technologies to design microorganisms that convert plant-sourced sugars into target molecules, including pharmaceuticals, biofuels, polymers, flavors, and fragrances. Learn how IDT gBlocks Gene Fragments facilitate this research.

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