Announcing IDT’s Align℠ Preferred Sequencing Provider program

Exciting times inspire powerful partnerships

We are, all of us, aligned in the desire for our efforts to have an impact on our world. As life scientists, that desire in us may be just a little more insistent. The genomics revolution has invited us to peer more deeply into ourselves, tightening our grasp on what it means to be human, and redrawing the bounds of progress, from metagenomics to disease treatment.

Whether your research strives to improve human health directly, or seeks a deeper understanding of who we are and where we came from, IDT will supply you with the highest quality reagents and an expanding range of technologies, and our partners in this effort are standing by to help you plan and execute, establishing itself as a world leader in its comprehensive range of genomics services.

IDT and our partners are aligned in our commitment to collaboration, and we are aligned in our resolve to break down research barriers for this generation of life scientists, and the next.

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