The CRISPR Basics Handbook

Everything you wanted to know about CRISPR genome editing, from theory to step-by-step practice

CRISPR genome editing has revolutionized the biological sciences, from medicine to agriculture and industry, making it possible to edit the DNA sequence of almost any living organism. Because this technology can be overwhelming if you are new to the field, we’ve assembled this handy guide to help you on your way. This comprehensive guide covers topics including:

  • A brief history of CRISPR
  • What do I need to start my CRISPR experiment?
  • How do I do CRISPR knock-out?
  • How do I do CRISPR knock-in (HDR)?
  • How do I analyze my CRISPR genome editing results at on- and off- target sites?

Download the CRISPR Basics Handbook, and join the CRISPR revolution!