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We are excited and proud to partner with iGEM for the seventh consecutive year. We are looking forward to seeing how this year’s teams have pushed the boundaries of scientific discovery.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about your IDT order, please contact [email protected].

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What are gBlocks Gene Fragments?

gBlocks Gene Fragments are high-fidelity, double-stranded DNA fragments (125–3000 bp) that can be used for easy gene assembly, genome editing, qPCR standards, and much more.

Considering a genome editing project?

Learn how the Alt-R™ CRISPR System can be used to easily modify genomic sequences.

"With this offer, iGEM teams will live in the future of synthetic biology, where the cost and effort of obtaining the required DNA constructs are no longer limiting factors. Thanks to IDT, the teams can focus on imagining, engineering, and testing the novel devices they create to solve important world problems. This is the promise of DNA synthesis and the future of the industry."

—Randy Rettberg

President, iGEM Foundation